mercredi 14 avril 2010

11th Week : Just 2 weeks !


Yeah, you aren't dreaming. This is an english post. My dear translator is a little busy... As usual. So I decided to do the work myself. Because I care about my readers. So here I am. Don't expect any epic news, I won't be able to make a correct translation of what I said in French. So you can already forget my lame jokes and play-of-words too. But I think it doesn't really matter for you, does it ?

After my super awesome announce for the possible release of Almost Real Kioku : A few minutes before, many people took this news like a joke, because it was April Fool's Day. But a few people (you, certainly !) believed in me and in my productivity. I would like to say to this fellow readers that their hopes weren't useless ! Yes, it's finally here. FINALLY. I can now say proudly to the world : Almost Real Kioku : A few minutees before is finished ! Yeah !

In just 2 weeks, you will be able to play to this epic RPG which transformed me into a zombie (the making of the ending was... tiring). Hopefully, my health improved : I don't forget to change my pyjamas and I wash my hair every X days. Training makes perfect.

Mwhahahahahaha !

But if the game is finished, why is there no download link ? It's just because I'm a perfectionnist (Did you say that in English ? Oh well). Normally, the game will be dubbed by ChouLuv. It will be a French dub of course, but I know most of you appreciate the French language. And I have also Mr Fil Razorback, who should compose the project's soundtrack. Good luck Filou' !

To conclude this post, I made a short trailer for you. I know, I'm great. Here it is :

Click on me !

Don't forget to check the blog the 30th April of this year. And because I'm (again) too great, the game will be released in English too, to allow people to understand why you can unlock a success by talking with a... Anyways.

See you very soon !

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